Werder & Blaumeier Release Diversity and Inclusion Collection

When SV Werder Bremen, celebrated their 125-year anniversary, they didn't just throw a party – no, they turned the spotlight on to something bigger, more critical: participation and inclusion. By joining forces with the dynamic Blaumeier Atelier, they have dreamt up a collection of fan merchandise that is nothing short of a tribute to diversity.

Fostering inclusion and creating spaces for everyone to join in, Werder Bremen gives us an annual spectacle: 'inclusion matchdays.' A home game becomes more than a football match; it becomes a homage to the concept of inclusion. This season, to mark their 125th anniversary, the Green-Whites have amped up the spirit with their collaboration with Blaumeier Atelier.

Curious about Blaumeier Atelier? Hailing from Bremen-Walle, this innovative haven has been gently coaxing individuals possessing varied artistic backgrounds to unravel and nurture their artistic prowess in performing and visual arts since 1986. Blaumeier Atelier is more than just a place; it is the embodiment of creativity, self-determination, and inclusion. The masterpieces birthed here eloquently mirror unity, fervour, and a capability to break barriers; they're not just inspiring, they're a vivid reminder that art knows no bounds.

This remarkable collaboration is all about knitting together inclusion, participation, art, and football to create a nearly tangible manifestation of inclusion brought vividly to life through creativity. Imagine a day where Werder becomes 1. FC Blaumeier – that is what this union is all about," shares Claudia Hartu, with infectious enthusiasm.

The heart of Bremen reverberates with the rhythm of football, and the 'Grüne Bude' pulses with the artistic scenes of Blaumeier artists who skillfully put their creativity into action around the theme of "125 Years of Werder Bremen". It's a celebration of affiliation, a tribute to commitment, a chronicle of fervor, and an emblem of an unshakeable bond shared by every fan across the region.

A carousel of these art pieces has taken shape in the form of an exclusive collection of fan merchandise, featuring a t-shirt, a hoodie, and the Hummel warm-up jersey. And who will be wearing this merchandise? None other than the men's and women's football teams, and the women's handball team, making their appearance during the upcoming inclusion matchday weekend.

"Werder SV, in harmonious unison with our comrades - the fans, members, and colleagues, is more than a football team. We're the torchbearers in championing the rights of people with disabilities in and around Bremen. Our partnership with the Blaumeier Atelier reflects this mission in the most extraordinary way,” avows the Head of Sustainability at Werder Bremen, Michael Arends.

The 1. FC Blaumeier collection holds an open house right from now at the WERDER Fan World nested within the wohninvest WESERSTADION, and virtual houses in the digital sphere on WERDER.DE. So, calling out all enthusiasts to step in, support and follow this moving journey in the world of inclusion and football.

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