Victoria Park Vixens Unveil Stunning New Kappa Away Kit

Victoria Park Vixens, a grassroots football club, caught our attention just before the Christmas period when they introduced their impressive new home kit, also courtesy of Kappa. There was an unmistakable nod to nostalgic charm fused avant-garde design, adorning the beautiful new club crest - an emblematic symbol for the club’s recent rebranding.

It was while the club was touring Athens this news broke, and the anticipation for the unveiled away kit began to concoct an enticing buzz amongst their supporters, speculating if it could indeed surpass the home ensemble.

The much-anticipated away kit has finally been unveiled, leaving the judgement in our hands, and we must all agree it stands as a strong contender to its home counterpart in terms of sheer elegance. The new crest once again graces the kit, sharing a remarkably luxurious golden panel with the iconic Kappa Omini logo. The Vixens and Kappa creatively decided to reintroduce the green base, reminiscent of the prior away shirt, dressing it with a pure, classic aesthetic. This allows the golden details to shimmer through, while highlighting distinct collar and cuff details, striking in crisp white. The brand logo also secures its position on the upper part of the kit.

Beyond the usual sapphire attire, the threads now boast bold gold streaks down each arm, casting a vivid contrast against an untouched white backdrop that graces the edges of the shorts. This new design amplifies the visual impact of the 'banda' style design. Flip the coin, and you'll be dazzled by possibly the most captivating numbersets of the year, all bathed in lustrous gold. The moniker 'Vixen' confidently adorns the suit, seated above the number.

The refreshed home shirts saw their first daylight in the balmy Grecian climate, whilst paraded through several friendly matches in Athens this past November. However, these gems are set to make their official league debut alongside the away kits in the forthcoming weeks - primed for the slightly chillier British climate.

There’s word of the VP Vixens kits hitting the retail market in the early months of 2024, coupled with an array of brand-spanking-new Vixens merchandise, all set to be hosted on a dedicated e-commerce platform. More updates coming your way soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Stay tuned!

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