Venezia Keep the Hits Coming, Drop 23/24 Kappa Third Shirt

Serie A fans, get ready to be wowed by the highly-anticipated 23/24 Kappa third shirt from Venezia! This latest drop pays homage to the iconic gondoliers of Venice and their rich traditions, celebrating the vibrant people and unique culture of this beautiful city.

Following the successful launches of the Pre-Match, Home, and Away jerseys earlier this summer, the Third Jersey stands out as a true tribute to the gondoliers and their deep connection to Venice. For generations, these skilled navigators have gracefully sailed the canals, passing down their craft from father to son.


When you think of Venice, the image of gondoliers immediately springs to mind, and Venezia, in collaboration with Bureau Borsche and Kappa, have once again delivered a design that perfectly showcases the club's status as a leader in the football-fashion space.

Andrea Balbi, President of the Venetian Gondoliers Association, expressed his gratitude to Venezia FC for recognizing the cultural significance of the gondoliers and incorporating their uniforms into the Third Jersey design. Balbi adds, "We are honored that the team's Third Jersey takes inspiration from our blue and white striped kits. On behalf of all the gondoliers, we wish the team the best. Forza Venezia!!"

The eye-catching look of the Third Jersey was masterfully crafted by Mirko Borsche, drawing inspiration from the gondoliers' precise and brightly-colored shirts. The striking blue and white horizontal stripes pay homage to the gondolier tradition, while the prominent red details in the collar symbolize the colors of the flag of San Marco. The addition of the polo collar adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance, evoking a vintage and classic style.

Don't miss your chance to own the Venezia 23/24 third shirt, available now at Join us as we celebrate this beautiful city and the remarkable gondoliers who navigate its enchanting canals.

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