Vasco Da Gama Debut 100th Anniversary Inspired 23/24 Third Shirt

Vasco Da Gama and Kappa have once again proven their ability to produce exceptional football shirts with the release of their 23/24 third shirt. This retro-inspired design pays homage to the historic Camisas Negras on their 100th anniversary, cementing their legendary status within the club and the wider football community.

Last year, Vasco Da Gama wowed fans with their 23/24 third shirt, and this year they have not disappointed. The new design made its debut in a thrilling 4-2 victory over Fluminense, capturing the attention of supporters and critics alike.

The black base of the shirt is accentuated by white trim on the collar and cuffs, adding a touch of elegance to the overall retro look. The bold red cross crest and golden embellishments catch the eye, symbolizing the club's illustrious history. Above the striking red cross, a star represents the 1923 title, while the inside of the collar proudly displays the names of the 11 champion players.


These details are a fitting tribute to the Camisas Negras as they celebrate their centenary. But the true beauty of this shirt lies in the intricacies. Upon closer inspection, one will discover that the black fabric is adorned with phrases from a famous song sung by passionate Cruzmaltina fans in the stands. This adds a layer of depth and meaning to the design, allowing supporters to further connect with their beloved club.


The collaboration between Vasco Da Gama and Kappa continues to deliver exceptional football apparel, and the 23/24 third shirt is a testament to their successful partnership. As the club and fans proudly don this remarkable garment, they honor the legacy of the Camisas Negras and inspire future generations to carry on their fight on and off the pitch.

Derived from the captivating imagery, the enthralling Vasco Da Gama 23/24 third shirt exudes sheer style and irresistible allure. Adorned by the trio of almir, Manoela, and Jaime in the promotional shots, this exemplary garment is now open for preorders exclusively at

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