Update: Nike Officially Drop Special Edition Tiempo Legend X Prototype

Nike keeps up their tradition of delivering special edition football boots with the launch of the Tiempo Legend X 'Prototype'. Celebrating the construction and materials behind this enduring model, Nike once again proves their expertise in creating limited edition designs.

Following the successful release of the 'Golden Touch' edition in August, which paid homage to the premium color associated with the Tiempo series, Nike now shifts its focus on showcasing the innovations and craftsmanship of the latest iteration of their long-lasting boot.

Being a limited edition release, it's important to act swiftly if you want to get your hands on a pair. The Tiempo Legend X 'Prototype' arrives in a striking triple white colorway, featuring a translucent soleplate that visually accentuates the meticulously engineered design. The use of "blueprint" style accents throughout the upper and soleplate further enhances the boot's construction, emphasizing the technological advancements that lie within.


The main highlight of this release is Nike's latest material innovation, the groundbreaking FlyTouch Plus. Crafted from a proprietary synthetic leather, this material offers a combination of softness, lightness, and durability, providing athletes with superior ball control exactly where they need it.


Additionally, the FlyTouch Plus contributes to making the Tiempo Legend X the lightest version to date and significantly reduces water absorption by 55% compared to previous models. The Tiempo Legend X Prototype's pristine white appearance complements its premium performance features, making it a truly remarkable addition to any player's collection. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of football boot history. 

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