Update: AC Milan Stop Sale of Criticized 23-24 Champions League Collection

In an update from yesterday's news, AC Milan have quickly addressed concerns about their recently released Puma 2023-2024 European collection, which unintentionally featured the colors of their rivals, Inter Milan.

After receiving criticism from fans, particularly the influential "Banditi Curva Sud Milano" ultras, the club has taken decisive action by halting the sale of all items with the rival colors, including pre-match jerseys and jackets.

The ultras made their discontent known through a widely shared post on social media, urging the club to stop selling the collection with what they described as "shit colors." In line with logic, AC Milan will continue to showcase their distinctive blue and pink 2023-2024 third kit, which bears little resemblance to Inter Milan's traditional colors, except perhaps for the blue shorts.


German sportswear brand Puma, recently launched their new European collection. However, some items in the collection unfortunately missed the mark in terms of color coordination. Prompted by Italian football equipment expert @football_nerds, who shared the news on social media, it was revealed that the AC Milan 23-24 European Pre-Match Jacket displayed Inter Milan's colors on the left side, while the right side remained black and pale pink. When viewed solely from the left side, the jacket bore a striking resemblance to Inter Milan's Nerrazurri kit.


The confusion arose from Puma's decision to use darker shades of colors for the jacket, despite AC Milan's third kit having no color similarities to Inter. The jacket was actually inspired by AC Milan's distinct third kit colors; however, the choice of darker tones created an unfortunate association with their rivals. To help alleviate this unintended connection, the Milan logo on the jacket is presented in white and pink, effectively breaking up the Nerrazurri aesthetic.

Though disappointing for fans who were excited about the European collection, AC Milan's swift response demonstrates their commitment to maintaining their unique identity on and off the pitch. With the removal of all items featuring Inter's colors, supporters can once again embrace the true essence of AC Milan's distinctive style.

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