Unveiling the Y-3 x Real Madrid Travel Collection: A Decade of Style, Sport, and Innovation

As we celebrate a decade from the debut of the extraordinary collaboration between the iconic adidas Y-3 and the football behemoth Real Madrid, a refreshing splash of brilliance is about to grace the sporting fashion world with a seemingly effortless finesse. The multi-dimensional alliance of this stellar trio, which includes football prodigies - Naomie Feller, David Alaba, and Jude Bellingham, as well as the inimitable Zinedine Zidane, throws light on the latest travel collection, unifying the best of style and sport.

Taking a walk down memory lane, we vividly remember the birth of this seamless marriage between these titans during the creation of the now-legendary third kit for the 2014/15 season. And today, with a profound nod towards their original alignment, Y-3 – a crafty brainchild of adidas and Japanese artistry maestro Yohji Yamamoto, is set to bring waves fluttering through Real Madrid’s ever-burgeoning fanbase. In sync with the momentous 120th year of Real Madrid's existence, and with Yamamoto’s unique essence woven invincibly through each piece, the Y-3 axis has spun anew, revealing a seven-piece travel collection that speaks volumes about effortless style and on-the-go comfort.

Under the captivating monochromatic spell of both Real Madrid and Y-3, the fresh travel ensemble boasts a polished set of jet black beauties. Lying dexterously on the threshold of Adidas' unrivaled sporty vigor and tailored elegance, this collection encompasses an assortment of apparel - from a short and long sleeve polo, to a pair of sophisticated shorts, track pants, a striking track top, a coach jacket, and a premium faux leather jacket. Each piece is brought to life by the soft touch of sporting fabrics and the signature handwriting of Yohji Yamamoto, making the collection a seamless blend of collaboration and identity.

The countdown has begun! Starting March 8, this breathtaking Y-3 for Real Madrid Travel Collection will be at your fingertips. Get your hands on this marvel at adidas.com/y_3, on CONFIRMED, in stores, at the illustrious Real Madrid Official Stores, the faithful shop.realmadrid.com, and a handpicked selection of premium retailers. Let the journey begin, folks! But don't rush, enjoy the ride and always keep an eye on the horizon for new and exciting announcements. Follow us and keep those notifications on for all things Y-3 and Real Madrid.

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