Unveiling the Portland Timbers 2024 'Nature Unites' Secondary Jersey

Less than a week before the start of the 2024 MLS season, adidas have unveiled a brand-new secondary jersey for the Portland Timbers, named 'Nature Unites.’ Portland, Oregon, has long been at the forefront of environmental protection and sustainability. The city champions initiatives like recycling, composting, and green energy. It is from this ethos that the fresh 'Nature Unites' Portland Timbers 2024 Secondary Jersey springs.

The jersey features a custom hand-drawn pattern of native Oregon leaves, paying homage to the region's nature preservation efforts. This design signifies the deep connection between our love for soccer and the environment. The Timbers' revisualized secondary jersey celebrates its 17th season in the MLS since 2011. With shadow green trims on the cuffs, neck, and sides, it includes logos, names, and numbers set against a contrasting halo ivory hue—an aesthetic nod to the team's Portland Plaid kit.

In a profound nod of respect to the unifying nature of football, similar to nature, the global nonprofit The Nature Conservancy (TNC) will feature their logo on the back of the jersey's neck. This signifies a mutually beneficial partnership aimed towards environmental preservation. The vehicles that bridge the gap between us, like football and nature, aren't dissimilar. This shared sentiment is embodied by the phrase “Nature Unites Us” inscribed on the inside collar of the jersey.

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