Unveiling the Future 7 Ultimate FTR: PUMA's Latest Drop

In a tribute to the flair and dynamism of the Beautiful Game, PUMA has officially unveiled the newest crown jewel in their footwear arsenal - the Future 7 Ultimate FTR. This majestic release is the pinnacle of the brand's 'Phenomenal Pack', having been teased in a limited-edition sneak peek this past Boxing Day. PUMA is known for introducing standout innovations in its line, and the Future 7 Ultimate FTR is no exception.

First teased on Boxing Day, the future of football footwear has been eagerly anticipated. Today marks the full release of the prodigious Future 7 Ultimate FTR, launched alongside the Ultra Ultimate and King Ultimate in the 'Phenomenal Pack', all showcasing stunning new colourways. The Future 7 Ultimate FTR, in a striking "Puma White/Puma Black/Poison Pink" combo, is more than just a visual marvel. It’s engineered with enhancements designed to boost on-pitch performance.

The boot’s FUZIONFIT360 system has undergone a complete transformation. With updated PWRTAPE and PWRPRINT positioning, it ensures a dream-like fit while significantly increasing comfort. The Future 7’s PWRTAPE now sports a Y shape, enhancing support during sharp directional changes. This, combined with dual layers of PWRTAPE across the midfoot, ensures perfect lockdown for playmaking.

These technical advancements are encased in a super-stretchy knit upper, offering a snug, adaptive fit with increased freedom of movement. The Future 7 also boasts 3D grip textures at key ball contact zones, ensuring unparalleled control and precision. The Dynamic Motion System outsole features a clever stud configuration, blending support, grip, and agility, all while maintaining a lightweight profile.

Visually, the boot features a white base with ethereal trails of pink and blue. The PUMA branding contrasts in black, with pink accents on the forefoot. Elise Rocher, Senior Product Line Manager Teamsport Footwear at PUMA, comments on the FUTURE's vision, emphasizing the fusion of advanced features and technology to enhance player performance.

Manchester City's Jack Grealish praises the FUTURE boot for its personalized fit and support during dynamic play. The Future 7 Ultimate FTR, along with the Ultra Ultimate and King Ultimate, forms the exceptional 'Phenomenal Pack'. Each boot in the lineup, including the forward-thinking Ultra and the precise King Ultimate, features unique colour schemes that bind them together in a harmonious display.

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