Unveiling Nike Premier III 'Retro': A Tribute to the Iconic Tiempo Legacy

In a symbolic nod to yesteryears, Nike unveils the Premier III ‘Retro' - a potent fusion of vintage charm and contemporary finesse. Masterfully handcrafted in "Black/White/Amarillo" colours, this edition draws inspiration from the OG Tiempo, an ageless classic birthed back in 1994. For those acquainted with the "Premier" – Nike’s enduring crown jewel that enchants grassroots enthusiasts – it's no secret that the Premier shares a symbiotic relation with Tiempo, Nike’s stalwart and iconic range. It cleverly borrows some of its defining features (think comfort and nostalgic feel) and reimagines them to suit the slightly softer, grassy terrains of lower league pitches.

One of the enticing attributes of the Premier lies in the myriad of hues it comes painted in - a soothing promise of something for everyone. Keeping up with this tradition, Nike rolls out the Premier III ‘Retro’, a grand homage to the debut Tiempo. A spectacle wide-eyed spectators first laid their eyes on at the 1994 World Cup in the United States, three decades ago. The last refresh in the Premier III palette took place only a handful of weeks ago, taking cues from the legendary Tiempo XX, which in turn was succeeded by a golden colourway inspired by football great, Ronaldinho. It’s evident – the captivating series of homages is far from over.

Though the aesthetic has seen iterations over the years, most notably in the 2020 Tech Craft pack, the Premier continues to impress with its signature finesse. Boasting a premium cow leather upper that adds a subtle elegance, the Premier III makes a statement with its updated stitch pattern through the forefoot, ingeniously crafting cushioning zones at the instep and outstep. The beautifully embossed "Nike Premier" logo graces the heel, underscoring the shoe's identity. As for the rest of the design, Nike preserves a delightful suspense for keen onlookers to unravel.

In the majestic flow and rhythm that characterizes Micaela Coel's voice, the article transitions to a focus on design details. The Swoosh, robust and undeniable, sails down the side in a manner reminiscent of its soulmate, the Tiempo. Then, our attention is drawn to the tongue - a feature inducing mixed reactions. Some are enamoured with it, while some are not quite as thrilled. Nike, in their thoughtful brilliance, recognize this. Thus, they've implemented a dotted cut line at the base. This gives you the liberty to snip it off, should the desire arise.

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