Unveil Your Style: Nike's 2023/24 'Mad Ready' Pack

Darlings, Nike has outdone itself once again, serving you yet another level of readiness with their latest collection, the 'Mad Ready' Pack. After pulling you in with the 'Ready Pack' and then elevating the game with 'Peak Ready Pack', Nike is now unfolding the year 2023/24 in style, making you 'Mad Ready'! Released on the 21st of January 2024 by Nike, these aren't just sports boots, they're a fashion statement to step up your game.

To refresh and dazzle, Nike has coloured up their beloved models: Phantom GX II, Luna II, Air Zoom Mercurial and Tiempo Legend. Shedding the captivating turquoise charm of the previous 'Peak Ready Pack' and the 'Phantom Vortex' pack, the 'Mad Ready' Pack is now rocking the classic shades of black, white, and gold. The Phantom siblings, GX II and Luna II, emerging in their latest sleek “White/Black/Mtlc Gold Coin” colourway, appear uncannily similar. With Luna adopting the Gripknit upper from the GX, and the GX slipping into the Cyclone 360 soleplate, the traditional collar option for GX got tossed out for a more modern look. Why, might you ask? Because change is stylish.

A chic black and white split adorns the upper, alternating from heel to forefoot, leaving the iconic Swoosh and the circular forefoot section of the soleplate bathed in an unapologetically rich gold hue. The story continues with the Air Zoom Mercurial being available in...

In a vibrant display of aesthetics, Vapor XV and Superfly IX, both by Nike, undoubtedly pack a punch. Featuring a “Lemonade/Black” colourway, this bold blend of bright “lemonade” hues and stark black blocks make a striking impression. The smooth contrast between the two tones manifests in the iconic Swoosh and the “Air” moniker, reducing complexity but maximizing impact.

Tiempo Legend X makes a splash in the same lively “Lemonade/Black" palette, pairing the citric shades with a touch of white. A tasteful fusion of "lemonade" at the forefoot and chalky white on the heel adds a distinctive flair. Black highlights on the Swoosh and collar further sharpen the design, with a sprinkling of gold touches adding a refined finish to this classy blend.

Indulge in the extraordinary Nike Mad Ready pack and explore more at prodirectsport.com/soccer. Explore more of what Nike has on offer including the Nike Phantom GX II, Phantom Luna II, Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor XV, and Tiempo Legend X. For updates and other riveting content, follow us at the given links.

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