Unveil the Power of Choice with New Balance's Latest Football Boots Collection: Embrace the Whiteout and Blackout

New Balance has introduced their collection of Furon v7+, Tekela v4+, and 442 boots in the contrasting whiteout and blackout themes. While New Balance athletes are still captivating audiences on the pitch with the most recent Furon v7+ and Tekela v4+ colours, unveiled earlier this year, the brand has expanded its offerings. They aim to entice a wider audience by adding whiteout and blackout offerings to their line-up.

The clear-cut contrast between the whiteout and blackout concepts is an artistic rule breaker, removing all the unnecessary details and focusing on what you make out of them. This dramatic shift we are seeing appears to be developing into a trend, as noticed from the latest colourway release at the start of the year. The Furon has undergone somewhat of a face-lift, adopting a more conventional brand emblem, similar to what we see on the Tekela. This has brought about a notable look-alike effect between the two boots, particularly when stripped back.

However, the distinguishing factor becomes apparent in Furon's off-centre lacing system, compared to the high-cut, lace-free version available in the Tekela line. The colour scheme leaves consumers with a choice of a black or white foundation in either boot. The well-known ‘N’ logo boldly presents itself in the contrasting colour for a powerful visual impact. A touch of red on the studs of both the Furon and Tekela in each of the colourways pays homage to the brand's original colour scheme.

Lastly, the 442 presents itself as an additional alternative alongside the Furon and Tekela. Perfectly walking the line between shadow and light with New Balance's master of the grassroots, the silhouette comes in both destined-dark and inviting-icy aesthetics. Footsteps in New Balance's football boots mirror an intuitive dance, allowing you to capture the game every time.

Discover the New Balance Furon v7+ and explore the New Balance Tekela v4+ among other offerings. And don't miss a step by staying tuned! Follow...

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