Unleash el Volcan: Tigres UANL's Fiery 2024 Adidas Alternate Jersey Launch

Tigres UANL presents their 2024 alternate jersey – a brilliant display set to debut on the 21st of January in a face-off against the great Chivas de Guadalajara during the Liga MX 2024 Clausura tournament's second week. The piece is a striking embodiment of the atmosphere at El Volcán, more formally known as Estadio Universitario. Nestled within the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León campus in San Nicolás de los Garza, the stadium, much like a volcano, erupts with untamed energy on game days, courtesy of the passionate Tigres UANL followers.

This fervor, which inspired the unique nickname for the stadium, forms the crux of the inspiration Adidas tapped into when crafting the new third shirt. Emulating the fiery force of a volcano, the jersey is designed with a rich, black base overlaid by a reddish-orange swirl that could easily be mistaken for lava – the flow of inspiration from volcano to apparel is indeed remarkable. Etching a subtle tribute to the team's indomitable spirit, the phrase "El Volcán siempre contigo (El Volcán is always with you)" is embroidered on the back, comfortably beneath the collar.

According to Carlos Valenzuela, Vice President of Operations and Marketing for Club Tigres, the jersey is more than just an innovative fashion piece. It serves as a chronicle of their history, a token of fan passion, and a mirror reflecting the vibrancy found at the heart of El Volcán during every match. In the spirit true to Micaela Coel's unapologetic authenticity, this jersey symbolizes the depth of fellowship and fervor flourishing in Tigres UANL’s home turf.

You can now seize the Tigres UANL 2024 third jersey from adidas.mx. Keep up, y'all.

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