Umbro Partners with Vladimir Cauchemar for Exclusive Limited Edition Stade Reims Kit Launch

Umbro, the much-revered athletic apparel brand, has woven a melodious alliance with musician, Vladimir Cauchemar, channeling a unique sound and look into a specially crafted fourth kit for Stade Reims. The debut is set for this Saturday, as the kit takes to the field during their showdown with LOSC. Umbro has managed to bring a beautiful rhythm to the new fourth shirt, seeking an exquisite blend of sports and music through an exterior force, namely international musician Vladimir Cauchemar.

Beyond his stage name, the artist is Guillaume Brière, a French DJ, music producer, and songwriter with roots in Reims. His adoption of the Cauchemar persona, translating to 'nightmare', was a dramatic reinvention in the early 2000s. His persona, with a colorful history, bends the normal with a nod back to the mythical times of Apollo, including a fabled duel of tunes with the Greek god.

Vladimir promised in a 2017 press release - "2,500 years later, Vladimir is back to haunt us". This dramatic flair is fitting for a personality known for his signature skull mask. As a passionate supporter of SDR, Cauchemar was entrusted with the creative reins for the jersey design. He drew inspiration from the vintage long-sleeved jerseys from Umbro's early '90s production line. The design blends lifestyle and loyalty, with symbols reflective of the region, such as the staple double ribs and counter-tanks. The elegant detailing of the Champagne flag is beautifully embraced on the collar and cuffs. A heart, imbued with the rouge hue of passion and serving as the iconic emblem of Vladimir Cauchemar, crowns the shirt's insignia, adding a captivating finishing touch.

The kit is a limited-edition affair with only 800 shirts available. An enticing twist reveals that three of these shirts carry a golden touch; an embroidered heart, with Vladimir's signature elegantly penned at the jersey's bottom, offering a random surprise for three fortunate buyers. This golden garment symbolizes rarity and privilege. For the favored owners, this could mean an exclusive peek behind the scenes of one of Cauchemar's performances or VIP access to the prestigious Stade Auguste-Delaune.

Eager fans will find the fourth Stade Reims shirt available for purchase starting from 5 pm GMT today, 01 March, on Don't miss your cue.

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