Umbro Brasil Launches Santos 23/24 Third Shirt: A Tribute to Asian History

In a nod to Santos FC's rich history in Asia, Umbro Brasil has unveiled the club's 2023/24 third kit. This striking design draws inspiration from Santos' memorable tours across Japan, China, South Korea, and beyond. The connection between Santos and Japan runs deep, with roots dating back to 18 June, 1908. It was on this day, 115 years ago, that the first Japanese families disembarked from the Kasato Maru ship at the Port of Santos.

This pivotal moment signified the beginning of a cultural integration that would forever mark the history of both the city and the country. These early interactions paved the way for regular tours of Japan by Santos, strengthening the bond between the club and the Asian nation. And now, Umbro Brasil pays homage to this enduring connection through the club's new third shirt.

The design features a captivating graphic treatment centered around the carp, a symbol of strength, persistence, and triumph in Asian cultures. The kit's dominant deep blue color is beautifully accentuated by lighter blue and red elements, reminiscent of waves and stylized carp motifs.

Adding to the aesthetic appeal, the sleeve proudly displays the word "Japan" in a font inspired by Japanese script, seamlessly merging with the iconic Japanese flag. Completing the look is a unique 'bat' style collar and cuffs in matching dark blue. As Umbro Brasil launches this remarkable third shirt, it reminds us all that Santos is not merely one of Brazil's top clubs but a global football institution.

"Santos FC's new third shirt, now available at, tells a captivating tale of the club's historic tour through Asia. This journey played a crucial role in bringing the excellence of Brazilian football to every corner of the globe, solidifying Santos FC's reputation as a powerhouse in the sport." Eduardo Dal Pogetto, national brand director at Umbro Brasil, emphasized the significance of this remarkable episode in Santos FC's history. He explained that the team's ability to face numerous Asian teams was an unprecedented achievement in world football, a feat that only Santos fans can truly appreciate and take pride in.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this unique piece of Santos FC's story.

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