Umbro Brasil Launches Exclusive Fluminense Jersey in #EveryTeamHasOne Series

Umbro Brasil, the renowned makers of football attire, have just released the much-anticipated Fluminense jersey as part of their #EveryTeamHasOne series, arriving just in time for the festive season.

The maestros at Umbro Brasil have bestowed upon Fluminense FC a jersey of exceptional uniqueness. This creation is part of their ongoing #EveryTeamHasOne initiative. The bespoke design pays homage to the unbreakable bond between the team, its ardent fans, and the game itself. It distinctively features the chants regularly raised by fans in a chorus of support.

Sculpted in collaboration with the inimitable artist Killa Villa, this launch follows hot on the heels of their successful release of the Atletico Tucuman kit. For their second act, Umbro Brasil has partnered once again with Brazilian club Fluminense. They have unveiled a jersey that is as creatively ambitious as it is aesthetically pleasing.

In a breathtaking integration of sport and culture, the design showcases lyrics from the club anthem 'Eterno campeão'. These are layered against intricate graphics influenced by the iconic tiles of the famed Copacabana beach in Rio. This jersey, at its core, is a testament to the indelible relationship between the Tricolor and their legion of fans. It invites them to contribute the songs they passionately serenade from the Maracanã stands during every match.

The design draws inspiration from these rhythm-filled echoes that reverberate throughout the stadium and spill into the veins of the city. The jersey's rich composition in the Tricolor's traditional maroon booms with subtle green tones threaded through the collar and sleeves. Graphics transition from sepia to maroon, animating the chant lyrics. This serves as a visual representation of the pulsating Tricolor fervor resonating in the heart of their support base.

"This is another very special collection that demonstrates our connection with the stands and all the fan bases, as great partners in the creation of uniforms and the history of the clubs. We know that fans are the great asset of the clubs, and honoring Fluminense's greatest driving force in the world is another responsibility we take on with this nation," explained Eduardo Dal Pogetto, National Brand Director of Umbro Brazil.

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