Umbro Brasil Launches Innovative Gremio Shirt in ‘Every Team Has One’ Campaign

Imagine this: Iconic soccer brand, Umbro Brasil, unveils its latest sartorial masterpiece - an edgy, chant-embedded shirt for Gremio, as part of the ongoing ‘Every Team Has One’ campaign. This drive by Umbro carries an innate celebration of the intricate relationship football shares with music, clubs, and the fervent fans who cheer them on. It all adds up to a harmonious amalgamation of sports and spectacle!

The engagement has seen limited edition kits birthed for clubs such as the Argentine Atletico Tucuman last month, and Brazil's very own Fluminense in this month's offering. Now, still basking in the Brazilian sun, it's Gremio's turn to don a stylish piece of wearable art devised in partnership with esteemed international design house, Killa Villa.

The heartbeat of the 'Every Team Has One' campaign is Umbro's commitment to involving fans. They've boldly invited supporters to pitch in their beloved chants and anthems, which Killa Villa then artfully wove into the design tapestry. The outcome for Gremio is a stunning, all-blue shirt, punctuated by dark hues of blue and black, with lyrics "Grêmio, eu te give a vida" illuminated throughout the design.

Gremio is the second beneficiary of three to be dressed by Umbro Brasil, whilst more globally-based clubs patiently wait in the wings to reveal their own tailored attire. For those wishing to purchase the Gremio EveryTeamHasOne shirt, slide over to Stay tuned for more thrilling releases and remember - it's more than just a game. It's an orchestra of passion, fashion, and fan devotion. Follow on and sign up to our Newsletter for more!

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