Tiempo Extra: A Fusion of Football and Fine Art at Art Basel Miami


Dancing to the vibrant rhythm of Art Basel Miami, the Buenos Aires-inspired art gallery, Futbolitis, rallies with both the innovative brand (re)boot and the trend-setting creative agency, Sid Lee, to unveil the captivating Tiempo Extra. The canvas for this masterwork, painted by the realist artist Carlos Herrera, is a tapestry of forgotten objects, abandoned textiles, and natural elements. This dynamic expedition through visual artistry offers a new lens through which both football devotees and art aficionados can perceive the elegance of football merchandise.

The emporium of materials used for this spectacle is courtesy of (re)boot's partnership with 'Inter Miami,' and their recent revival of the football club's clothing anthology. Tiempo Extra is more than Herrera’s solo exhibition. The gallery will be graced by the works of ten other brilliant artists, each uniting their passion for football and their chosen medium. The diverse roster includes Ezequiel Suranyi, Mariana López, Eduardo Longoni, Andres Compagnucci, Silvina Aguirre, Marcelo Barchi, Emiliano Miliyo, Patricio Larrambebere, Lucia Harari, and Guillermo Iuso. Together, they promise to deliver a multidimensional experience.

The unique 2023 edition of Tiempo Extra, curated by Ezequiel Suranyi, celebrates the materials that (re)boot has authentically sourced from Inter Miami. This immersive experience can be enjoyed in the heart of the Miami Design District, located at 151 NE 41st St., Suite 133, from the 21st of November to the 21st of December. For a sneak peek into Futbolitis's creative world, its Instagram page is the gateway. To enter the realm of (re)boot, visit reboot.futbol.

Buckle up for this journey into passion, creativity, and soccer. Follow the adventure as it unfolds.

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