Thierry Henry's Legacy Inspires a Stylish Puma King 'Art of Football' Collection

Puma and Art of Football have joined forces once again to bring football fans a special edition of the beloved King Boots.

This collaboration draws inspiration from the iconic legacy of Thierry Henry and his incredible contributions to the world of football. Art of Football, known for their unique and stylish designs that pay homage to legendary moments in football history, have previously partnered with Pepsi and Nike to recreate iconic football attire.

Now, they are adding their creative touch to the timeless Puma King cleats. While many details about the Puma King 'Art of Football' collection remain unknown, Pegasus Football News predicts that the boots will be based on the classic Puma King design and will feature a tastefully stylish colorway. Speculation aside, it is highly anticipated that there will also be a specially designed AOF logo, as hinted at in the Henry teaser.

What we do know is that the Puma King 'Art of Football' boots will boast premium K-leather with a silicone backing for optimal performance. The classic fold-over tongue will make its appearance, and the lightweight outsole will showcase a conical stud configuration.

These top-notch features come at an expected price of around 200 Euro. Mark your calendars for November 2, 2023, as that's when the Puma 'Art of Football' King boots will hit the shelves.

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