Spotlight on New-Gen adidas Predator Worn by Bellingham and Gomez

Bellingham & Gomez Rock the Latest Pred In the ever-evolving world of football fashion, all eyes are on the newest iteration of adidas Predator boots.

While we've already had a glimpse of the sleek whiteout prototype, it's now time to shift our attention to the players who are sporting these cutting-edge kicks. The talented Jude Bellingham, currently making waves at Real Madrid and England, has been seen rocking the adidas Predator in a recent training session.

Bellingham's Midas touch on the field, evident from his multiple Man of the Match awards, has made him a player to watch. Adidas must be ecstatic about his potential, especially considering their iconic Predator silo has lacked a true superstar since its return in 2017.

While there have been notable faces like Paul Pogba, Bellingham has the talent to don the mantle left empty by legends like Beckham and Zidane. Seeing him don the new Predator with its classic fold-over tongue design is truly exciting. Shifting the focus, Liverpool's Joe Gomez has given us a sneak peek at the tongue-less laced option of the new-gen Predators.

This aligns with the version worn by Bellingham and the laceless option debuted by Chelsea's Ian Maatsen. This marks a return to a more traditional take on the Predator, adding to the anticipation surrounding these boots. With Bellingham and Gomez embracing the next-gen adidas Predator, it's clear that these boots are set to become a force to be reckoned with on the football fashion scene.

Offering the classic fold-over tongue as an option, these boots also bring back the iconic rubber fin execution in the forefoot. It's almost as if they've taken inspiration from the beloved Precision and Mania era boots, adding a nostalgic touch to the modern design.

Stay tuned for more boot spotting and the latest updates in football footwear trends. With an array of choices to suit every player's taste, the new Predator collection ensures that no one is left out.

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