Special Whiteout Next-Gen Nike Tiempo 10 2023 Boots Leaked


Nike is about to unleash something that's been on the radar of football boot spotters for quite some time: a remarkable 'Protro' version of the Nike Tiempo 10. These sleek whiteout Nike Tiempo 10 SE football boots are rumored to be the latest addition to Nike's 'Protro' collection, aptly named "Nike Tiempo 10 Protro."

Circle September 14, 2024, on your calendars; that's the date when these gems hit the shelves. But what's the deal with "Protro," you ask? Well, it's a clever blend of "performance" at the pro level and "retro." The term was coined by the late Kobe Bryant himself, who believed that Protro is all about taking past successes and making them even better for the future.


It's worth noting that Nike previously graced us with the whiteout Kobe 8 Protro Halo basketball shoe on August 31, 2023, and now it seems like the Nike Tiempo 10 is following in those stylish footsteps. These eye-catching whiteout Nike Tiempo boots have recently been spotted adorning the feet of North Carolina Tar Heels players Samantha Meza and Maci Teater, adding fuel to the already fiery anticipation.

Unofficial images of these beauties have found their way online, revealing that they come packaged in a distinctive white box. What's more, a true boot nerd going by the name of FuzzFlangerBoot (@fuzzflanger91) even treated us to an unboxing video of the next-gen Nike Tiempo 10 SE Whiteout edition, confirming the leak and giving fans an up-close look at the boots.

The Nike Tiempo 10 Protro is poised to become Nike's first-ever whiteout Tiempo football boot, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to its allure. The colorway is simple yet striking, boasting a clean 'White/White/White' design sans any colorful or contrasting elements. It's a minimalist masterpiece guaranteed to turn heads on the pitch.

When it comes to tech, expect these new Nike Tiempo 10 Whiteout Special football boots to carry the same performance advancements as their initial launch counterparts. While we're yet to catch a glimpse of the next-gen Nike Tiempo 10, you can bet your boots they'll deliver top-tier performance.

Here are the highlights of the Nike Tiempo 10 'Whiteout Special':

  • Special-edition release
  • Limited to 5,000 pairs (though not individually numbered)
  • Innovative engineered leather upper: 50% Kangaroo leather interwoven with synthetic leather
  • Molded lines replacing bulky foam pads
  • Microdots amplifying touch zones
  • Outsole featuring differently shaped studs
  • Flyknit around the ankle.

These special whiteout Nike Tiempo Legend 10 soccer cleats are set to hit the scene in September 2023, but act fast, as only 5,000 pairs will be up for grabs. Priced at USD 230 (about EUR 230, GBP 200), they're an absolute must-have for footballers seeking a blend of style and performance.

So, what are your thoughts on these special whiteout Nike Tiempo Legend 10 soccer cleats? Don't keep us guessing; share your excitement! And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay in the know about the latest drops.


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