Special 130th Anniversary Kit From Kappa for Genoa CFC

In a tribute to their remarkable history, Genoa CFC has teamed up with the renowned brand Kappa to create a special jersey commemorating their 130th anniversary. As the oldest football club in Italy, Genoa deserves nothing less than a jersey that exudes style and celebrates their enduring legacy.

Kappa has truly outdone themselves with this design, capturing the essence of Genoa's rich heritage. The golden base of the jersey sets the stage for a truly majestic look, accentuated by the club's traditional colors. And let's not forget the special crest adorning the left side of the chest, created specifically for this momentous occasion.


Underneath the proud Griffin, you'll find the significant dates 1893-2023, a testament to the 130-year journey of the rossoblù club. The golden hues of the jersey are meticulously complemented by a disappearing pattern that elegantly replicates the famous Griffin. This iconic symbol is isolated from the logo and accompanied by the year of the club's founding. It's a design detail that adds both depth and significance to the overall aesthetic.

The collar of the jersey features a single-button design, with red and blue accents on the right and left respectively in a nod to the club's traditional colors. This tasteful arrangement continues on the sleeve cuffs, creating a cohesive and visually stunning look. To further commemorate the milestone, the phrase "FROM THE BEGINNING, FOREVER 130" adorns the insert on the back of the neck. It's a simple yet powerful reminder of Genoa's status as the oldest club in Italy, serving as an inspiration for all.

The official unveiling of the Genoa 130 Anniversary shirt took place during a captivating event called "GENOA 130" at the picturesque Porto Antico of Genoa. The shirt was proudly showcased on the event stage, accompanied by the talented singer Alfa. A magnificent photo shoot capturing the essence of the jersey took place in the prestigious Carrega-Cataldi palace, specifically in the Golden Hall.


For all the passionate Genoa fans out there, the Genoa 130 Anniversary shirt will soon be available for pre-order on the Genoacfc.it website. This exclusive opportunity ensures that devoted supporters have priority access to this remarkable piece of history.

As Genoa CFC celebrates 130 years of excellence, this special jersey serves as a testament to their enduring legacy. With Kappa's exquisite design, Genoa's history is immortalized in a fashion statement that will be cherished by fans for years to come.


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