Seattle Sounders Unveil the Anniversary Kit: A Fusion of Legacy and Modernity in Soccer Fashion

Playing Queen's Rock anthem in the backdrop, in honour of their diamond jubilee, Seattle Sounders vibrantly pull back the curtains to their brand new primary jersey: The Anniversary Kit. Serving up a design cocktail spiced with boldness, versatility, and a harmonious blend of then and now, this kit loudly echoes Seattle's distinguished place in the league of legendary North American soccer clubs.

The Sounders’ Anniversary Kit borrows archived inspiration from the club’s rich tale, revering their inaugural half-century whilst anticipating the chapters of the next. The pinstripe design serves as a loving nod to their 1983 NASL season home and away kits, yet is innovatively tweaked to endorse their updated visual persona. The hyped jersey showcases the now-trademark Rave Green as its base color, touched in by jumps of light blue stripes and dark green strokes, reminiscent of their 1974 home apparels. And drumroll: The Anniversary Kit. A contemporary hat tip to the past, celebrating 50 cycles around the sun. 💚💙🩵

The brand inscription at the base of the jersey subtly echoes the Sounders’ NASL crest. It artfully includes the wave element, a palpable motif in their pre-MLS logos as a toast to The Sound, delineating their home flanked by the water’s periphery. Claiming its space across the back of the jersey’s neck, the orca - their emblematic tertiary mark, resonates with the club's beginnings and festivities. Its origins trace back to the logos echoing from the APSL and A-League epochs, manifesting the orca's symbolism-traversing the club’s foundation, history, and now, celebrations.

Taking you on a vibrant journey that merges the vintage and modern, this ensemble showcases the essence of Seattle. The crowning jewel is an engaging shirt, which stylishly harmonizes the past and present. It elegantly complements shorts that evoke nostalgic hues from the club's 1974 initiation, enveloped in a warm, beaming palette. This kit breathes new life into the iconic blue and green, a perennial testament to the Sounders' emblematic presence in MLS history.

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