San Diego Wave FC Unveils Groundbreaking 2024 Jerseys with Nike: Dive into the 'Del Sol' and 'Poderosa' Collections

In an electrifying reveal the San Diego Wave FC, in collaboration with Nike, presents a historical unveiling in the club's narrative: their first-ever custom jersey, the 'Del Sol', and a fresh secondary jersey titled 'Poderosa', all prepared for the kickoff of the 2024 season. This unprecedented fashion achievement isn't just a first for the Wave FC; it's a game-changer in the NWSL league at large as they embrace a league-wide kit revamp, undertaken by none other than industry giant Nike.

To respect and highlight every unique team identity, these custom-made jerseys radiate a dynamic array of joy and self-expression. No team embodies this sense of spirit more than San Diego Wave FC. Their first-ever, custom-made 'Del Sol' jersey shines side by side with the equally outstanding 'Poderosa' range. Celebrating the club and showcasing beautiful San Diego, the stunning and bold 'Del Sol' primary jersey draws its muse from the city's picturesque horizon—where the sky embraces the evocative waves of the ocean, stirring imagery of a perfect San Diego sunset. A white base accommodates a vibrant ballet of light blue, orange, and pink shades, an homage to the breathtaking sunset vista that the city proudly hangs its hat on.

Staying true to the ethos Nike held in the league-wide kit update, NWSL clubs appear to be mingling an illustrious design with a more refined portrayal. The San Diego Wave FC is no exception, sporting the secondary jersey, 'Poderosa', characterized by a brilliant white base. In the vibrant and fiery hues of flamingo pink, San Diego Wave 2024's new kit makes a statement that's echoed by the ombre detailing winding down the jersey, like a striking sunset discarding the light of day into dusk.

But consider this just the opening act, darling, as The Wave is also unveiling a pre-match shirt that's as smooth as jazz on a Friday night. Picture broad, swirling swishes of blue tones streaming across the entirety of the garment, invoking an undeniable sensation of cool oceanic vibes. Capping off a robust fashion-forward lineup for the upcoming season, The Wave takes to the field with Gotham FC for the NWSL Challenge Cup kickoff on the 16th of March.

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