AS Roma's Bold Leap into Streetwear: The Imprinting Capsule Collection Unveiled

AS Roma, the iconic Serie A club known for its distinctive style and grace, is charting new territory. Stepping beyond the soccer field and its successful partnership with adidas, the club is making a foray into the streetwear scene. This bold move is marked by the launch of their first in-house designed clothing line: the Imprinting Capsule Collection.

The Collection stands as a testament to AS Roma's ambition to transcend the boundaries of traditional football apparel. It's a leap inspired by the club's seamless blend of sport and the rich cultural essence of Rome - a blend that's now being celebrated beyond the stadium. This initiative follows the warm reception of adidas’ retro-inspired Originals collection, signaling the Giallorossi’s readiness to set their own fashion trends.

The core inspiration for the Imprinting Capsule Collection is intriguingly simple yet profound. It draws from the timeless imprints of the animal kingdom and the uniqueness of a fingerprint. These motifs resonate with AS Roma's ethos of leaving a lasting, distinctive mark. The collection features these designs across various items, lending a tactile and personalized feel to each piece.

Featuring t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tracksuits, the collection's crowning jewel is arguably the standout track jacket. This piece encapsulates the club’s penchant for uniqueness, adorned with the ASR monogram - a symbol of the club’s heritage since 1933. It's a fusion of honoring the past and boldly embracing a future in high-end fashion.

AS Roma's Imprinting Collection is not just apparel; it’s a celebration of the convergence of fan passion and stylish craftsmanship. This collection invites fans to weave the magic of Roma into their everyday style, available exclusively at the AS Roma online store ( Each item carries a dedicated drop label, adding an extra layer of exclusivity and flair to an already remarkable collection.

As we launch this journey, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world where culture, style, and the spirit of AS Roma converge. Visit to be a part of this unique fashion movement. Stay connected for more exciting updates and join the vibrant AS Roma community. We’re more than a football club; we’re a style movement that’s here to stay. Keep listening, watching, and following, as AS Roma continues to lead the way.

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