UPDATE: Trent Alexander-Arnold's Surprise Switch to Adidas: The Predator 2024 Boots Unveiled


Trent Alexander-Arnold has gracefully ended his journey with Under Armour and reignited a former alliance by taking his strides into adidas officially.

Yes, the Liverpool's versatile player has swapped his armour for the iconic Predator by adidas. Trent Alexander-Arnold has served as the lone torchbearer for Under Armour at the peak of this globally admired sport for several years. However, that narrative took its final bow.

A riveting sequel unfurls with the vibrant Liverpool athlete thundering the equalizer past Manchester City, donning the special edition pre-launch shade of the future generation adidas Predator shoes. In doing so, he echoed his homecoming to the Three Stripes Legacy - a throwback to his younger sporting days.

When asked about this shift, Trent expressed a sense of admiration and excitement. Asserting his fondness for adidas, particularly the Predator boot, he stated, "I have always admired the adidas brand & particularly the Predator boot. I’m excited to be part of the long list of legendary players who wear them too. I’m looking forward to this next chapter alongside a brand that mirrors my passions both on and off the pitch." He continued to express his eagerness to begin this new chapter intertwined with a brand that embraces his passions that spread both on and off the field.

Trent now adds his name to the ever-growing list of adidas Predator players, led by none other than Jude Bellingham. This team has already started to tease fans with early glimpses of the next iconic Predator line. Most notably, it marks the much-applauded return of the famous fold-over tongue. Fans are eagerly looking forward to these whiteout prototype previews.

On the horizon, a new era in football footwear promises to kick-off. Draped in these spanking new boots, Trent is an early adopter of a version that boasts splashes of vivacious hues; a conspicuous red dominating the upper regions, from the tongue to the Three Stripes. It raises a curious question - is this pleasing palette specially crafted for the Liverpool lad? The supposition seems to hit the bullseye, as these accents are vivid reflections of his club colors. This striking style hasn't been seen on any other feet yet, with Predator's poster boy Bellingham caught sporting a classic tri-color scheme of black, white, and red, which is rumored to be Predator's inaugural design.

Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold was seen donning the yet-to-be-released next-gen Adidas Predator 2024 boots during the frosty clash between Liverpool and Manchester City-- a hint that suggests an imminent break-up with Under Armor and a fresh beginning with Adidas.

Previously, Alexander-Arnold was hailed as the cream of the crop and Under Armor's biggest star. But a public display of the Predator 2024 boots during an official face-off comes as a strong signal that Arnold is ready to leave Under Armor in the dust and champion the Adidas roster, aligning himself with the illustrious fleet of Adidas' Predator Silo representatives.

It certainly helps Adidas's cause that Trent scored a stunner in the closely contested match.

What's your verdict on these sleek Predator 2024 boots with their folding tongues? Any thoughts about Alexander-Arnold making a beeline for Adidas? We're all ears-- chime in on TikTok, and sign up to our Newsletter.

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