Red Star FC Drop 23/24 Lifestyle Collection

Stepping into the fashion arena with an effortless grace that mirrors our very existence, Red Star FC announces the drop of their '23/'24 collection - a sartorial blend of heritage and trend-setting design in collaboration with their technical ally, Kappa.

Red Star FC, the storied French football club known as much for their sartorial savvy as their sportsmanship, continues to redefine the fashion playbook. They pay homage to their legacy as the fourth oldest club in France not by resting on their laurels, but by constantly reinventing what it means to be a cultural and fashion icon in the world of football. This ethos is crystal clear in their newly launched lifestyle line brought to life by Kappa, which fuses classic aesthetics with a modern twist, ensuring fans are decked out in pieces that resonate with the club's spirit.

Each piece in the collection is a canvas where the iconic Kappa Omini logo plays a starring role, adorning the range in a way that's unmissable. The logo is especially striking in its Banda form, cascading down the sleeves and legs of a signature tracksuit that is set to be a crowd favourite.

Honouring their emblematic hues, the range is a visual poem written in green, white, black, and red. Each item, from the t-shirts to trousers, is a testament to the club's rich heritage and an invitation to the fans to wear their hearts on their sleeves—quite literally.

Capture the essence of Red Star FC's style by shopping the collection at their official portal:

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