Queens Park Rangers Unveil New 2024-25

QPR 24/25 Jersey

Gather round, football fans! Today, the Queens Park Rangers have proudly pulled back the curtain on their 2024-25 home kit—and boy, does it look splendid! Mark your calendars with a bright red pen for its premiere, as Leeds United will be the ones to experience it firsthand on the pitch this Friday.

There's something new coming to the pitch, and it's flashing right from the heart of the new QPR jerseys: the CopyBet logo. This notable front-of-shirt sponsorship does come with minor asterisks—unsightly gambling restrictions, my dears, that exclude it from featuring on junior replicas.

QPR 24/25 Jersey

So, you can't help but wonder what the new QPR 24-25 home shirt looks like, right? Adorned by the touch of Errea, the 2024-2025 home football top features differing shades of blue painted across each hoop and cuff. It doesn't stop there—the collar has been given a chic, subtle revamp.

You can't wait to get your hands on it, can you? Your eager hearts need to show some patience until Saturday, 15th June when this beauty will be up for grabs both in-store and online. I know keeping you in suspense seems cruel, but the unveiling of the remaining kits for the 2024-25 season will take place over the balmy months of the summer.

QPR 24/25 Jersey

But a little birdie (cough, Errea, cough) has whispered that the new Goalkeeper Away kit will share centre stage alongside the home kit. What are your thoughts on this brand new QPR attire? What say you, fellow fans? Do share your feelings below. And, while you're at it, feast your eyes on the exclusive 23-24 Kit Overview leaks for the 2024-25 jerseys. QPR is making waves yet again!

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