PUMA's "Forever. Palermo. Campaign" Fronted by Jack Grealish

In a brilliant collaboration, PUMA has enlisted the talent of Jack Grealish to spearhead their eagerly awaited "Forever. Palermo. Campaign".

This exciting campaign celebrates the revival of a beloved classic silhouette, the Palermo sneaker, in a stunning array of fresh, new colorways. Taking inspiration from the retro football arenas of the ‘80s and seamlessly blending it with today's modern street style, the Palermo sneaker returns with a bang, thanks to the help of Manchester City and England's very own midfield maestro, Jack Grealish.

Initially released as part of a remarkable collection paying homage to Europe's most iconic capitals like London and Oslo, the Palermo sneaker now receives a contemporary update with a vibrant selection of color choices. Standing tall as an icon in its own right, the legendary Palermo sneaker still benefits from an occasional assist, and this time it's none other than Jack Grealish himself who steps up to promote its renaissance.

The campaign beautifully captures the essence of effortless Italian style while effortlessly merging the rich heritage of past football glory with the excitement of the present. As Grealish takes center stage, he showcases the timeless low-top Palermo sneaker, featuring its distinctive tag on the upper, the signature T-toe design, and the iconic gum outsole.

Grealish effortlessly embodies the Palermo's versatility, masterfully pairing the sneaker with a variety of striking outfits. From the classic combination of light-washed denim and an oversized topcoat to a fashion-forward look inspired by the football pitch, featuring a PUMA tricot and burgundy corduroy trousers, Grealish effortlessly demonstrates the Palermo sneaker's ability to elevate any ensemble.

This highly anticipated return of the Palermo marks a significant milestone in Grealish's career, as he becomes the face of a PUMA campaign for the first time. Excitement fills the air as fans eagerly await the re-release of this iconic sneaker, and with Grealish leading the charge, there's no doubt that the "Forever. Palermo. Campaign" will be a resounding success.

PUMA has chosen Palermo as the prominent figure for their latest campaign, a clear testament to the admiration he commands. Could this mean that a special edition Future is in the pipeline? Mark your calendars for October 20th to secure the PUMA Palermo exclusively at puma.com. Stay tuned for more updates.

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