PUMA Release The 'Voltage' Pack

Let's dive into the world of PUMA's latest 'Voltage' collection, unwrapped 16 November 2023. This dynamic collection is set to light up the football pitch with a spark of brilliance and colour, adorning the most radiant stars in the game.

The 'Voltage' pack, a dazzling successor to PUMA's 'Gear Up' collection, tempts your eyes with electrifying colourways for their flagships - the Future, Ultra, and King. Imagine a striking blend of muted grey juxtaposed with shimmering flashes of "Yellow Blaze". This signature look graces PUMA's marquee Future, Ultra, and King, promising to bring an electrically-charged experience to the stadium. Expect to see this dynamic ensemble on sporting icons like Neymar Jr, Kingsley Coman, Ingrid Engen, Fridolina Rolfö, Julia Grosso, Antony, Jack Grealish, and Xavi Simons.

The Future design probably stands as the most innovative in this collection with astounding tactility offered by its FUZIONFIT360 upper. Comprising a dual-mesh, stretchy knit, and PWRTAPE, the Future guarantees a comfortable, secure fit that conforms, laces or not. The thoughtfully engineered 3D textures placed strategically, offer an enhanced ball grip, giving players unmatched control and command on the pitch. Meanwhile, the dual-density Dynamic Motion System outsole elevates stability, agility, and traction.

The Ultra design, on the other hand, trades subtlety for boldness with the energising "Yellow Blaze" saturating its lightweight ULTRAWEAVE upper. This powerful highlighting effect bolsters the Ultra's quintessential promise of speed and agility, courtesy of PWRTAPE in this latest edition which echos the natural structure of the human foot - striving to lend natural support for quick chIn a decelerating swagger.

We eventually unveil the royalty – the King. Its renowned K-BETTER composition, independent of animal products, intensifies the illustrious legacy of its predecessor. Not only did it surpass the former King's leather in trials assessing touch and comfort, it also proved to have a promising longevity. The King is distinguished by its weightless outsole bourne with an exterior heel counter. It boasts of an embedded stability spine and conical studs, ensuring you hold the reins of your agility as much as you do of the ball.

So, brace yourself to be under the dictation of the PUMA Voltage Pack. Lace them up and sprint with them today. Cast your eyes, follow, and scour for more. You're always welcome in our kingdom.

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