Puma Release 23-24 AC Milan Jacket


Puma, the renowned German sportswear brand, has recently unveiled their latest European collection for AC Milan. While the collection showcases some impressive pieces, there are a few items that have raised eyebrows due to their color choices.

Italian football equipment expert, @football_nerds, took notice of this and shared the news with the world on social media. One particular item that caught attention is the AC Milan 23-24 European Pre-Match Jacket. Strangely, the left side of the jacket features colors reminiscent of their city rivals, Inter Milan. Meanwhile, the right side maintains a combination of black and pale pink.


The peculiar design gives the impression that it belongs to Inter and not Milan, causing understandable confusion among fans. This jacket draws inspiration from AC Milan's recently unveiled third kit. Surprisingly, Puma decided to use darker shades of colors for the jacket, creating an uncanny resemblance to Inter's colors. Although the Milan logo on the jacket incorporates white and pink, which helps differentiate it from Inter, the overall effect still remains somewhat misleading.

Would it have been wiser for Puma to opt for the light turquoise shade of blue seen on the kit? Subscribe to our Newsletter for more updates.

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