PUMA King Icon Editions: Celebrate Football Legends Pele and Cruyff with Stylish, Sustainable Footwear

In the magnetic realms of football, PUMA King has asserted itself as a celebrated icon. PUMA now steps up to merge the indisputable charm of King Ultimate and the legacy of legends that graced the field in those boots, unveiling King Ultimate ‘Pele’ and ‘Cruyff’ editions.

For the devotees living and breathing the spirit of the game, the influence that the PUMA King has etched across the past fifty years isn't lost. This powerful footwear has been a trusted ally of the greatest players the world has known, making a lasting imprint on the beautiful game.

In the vibrant avatar of King Ultimate, PUMA takes a bow before the greatness of two players - Pele and Johann Cruyff. Each edition vividly captures the national colours of these mighty players on a classy black canvas.

Looking back at the past year, the King Ultimate has heralded change, both for the brand and its range. It prides itself with an upper made of K-Better, replacing traditional K-Leather. This creative, eco-conscious material kills three birds with one stone: it mirrors the authentic leather look, replicates the leather feel, and mimics the leather play.

Adding to the mix, K-Better is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable choice. Crafted from industrial waste, K-Better is a synthetic, non-animal based material that equals K-Leather's softness. Additionally, it is 30 percent slimmer, twice as stretchy, offering a superior fit for a longer duration, and 10 times more robust.

PUMA accentuates this innovative material in two styles that salute Pele's 'The Beautiful Game' and Cruyff's 'Total Football’. These boots pay homage to the game's giants with the distinct signature of each player gracing the lateral side, juxtaposing the renowned Formstripe emblem. A personalised touch is added with their football ideologies inscribed below their signatures, while the players' figurative shadows hold space on the medial sides. The backdrop for all these is a classic black base.

The designs bask in each player's national pride, adorned in distinctive hues from their motherland. Spot Pele's boots flourishing in Brazil's sunny yellow accents, while Cruyff's pair boast the Netherlands' iconic shade of orange.

Get yourself a piece of sporting history with these PUMA King Icon editions. Dive into the world of sports glamour, and get updates by following PUMA!

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