PUMA and PLEASURES Unveil Revolutionary AC Milan 23/24 Fourth Kits

In an exciting blend of Los Angeles punk and grunge streetwear mixed with Milan's stunning gothic architecture, PUMA has just unveiled their collaboration with AC Milan for the 23/24 Fourth Kit. Now, football fans have the liberty to choose the kit's color scheme: either the soft, radiant hues of dawn or the enigmatic velvet of twilight. PUMA has been stirring things up in recent seasons, partnering with diverse labels outside traditional football spheres to produce AC Milan's fourth kits. The collaboration journey began in 2022 with Italy's leading fashion trendsetter, NEMEN, and continued in 2023 with a joint venture with the luxe fashion house, Koché. The latest to join the list is the LA-based edgy streetwear label, Pleasures, collaborating to produce not one, but two fourth kits, marking a significant step into the limelight.

The dual rendering of the kit symbolizes a beautiful dichotomy between the tranquil twilight and the rejuvenating dawn of Milan. Making it even more spectacular, both versions of the Fourth Kit showcase reflective logos—a debut for AC Milan. For the first time in their history, AC Milan will use the two different iterations of the Fourth Kit in separate games. The home game against Napoli on the 11th of February will see the warriors clad in the stealth black iteration, while the custodian stands out in the immaculate version, a treat for the eyes on the field.

Close on its heels, the away game against Monza on the 18th February promises an alluring visual spectacle, traditionally donned by AC Milan's women's team. This cutting-edge kit, a groundbreaking collaboration between AC Milan, PUMA, and PLEASURES, blurs the lines between athleticism and art. The stylish designs were unveiled in Milan, in cahoots with Slam Jam at a soiree bubbling with AC Milan players, celebrated personalities, and media fraternity members, and also in Los Angeles, setting an intriguing backstory for the ensuing season.

Olivier Giroud, AC Milan striker and PUMA ambassador, commented on the new Fourth Kit: "I am excited to be wearing this great looking kit on the pitch. It is unlike anything I have seen before with two versions that can be used by both the goalkeeper and the players. This shows the creativity and innovation of PUMA, AC Milan, and PLEASURES, creating a kit with a cutting-edge design and an amazing concept that truly captures the essence of AC Milan's legacy and ambition."

Maikel Oettle, Chief Commercial Officer of AC Milan, added: "This groundbreaking kit in collaboration with our partner PUMA and PLEASURES showcases AC Milan's commitment to pushing boundaries in both fashion and sports, offering fans a visually immersive experience that goes beyond the traditional realms of football attire. The two iterations of the kit not only reflect the Club's bold identity but also unite our heritage and our future, merging gothic architecture and monuments of Milan with an extremely innovative design, including elements that are revolutionary for us, such as the reflective logos."

Marco Mueller, PUMA Senior Head of Product Line Management Teamsport Apparel, said: "Working on this kit allowed us to creatively merge Milan's iconic street style with PLEASURES' distinct edge. We aimed for a design that resonates with both the LA and Milan vibe and AC Milan's storied history. The collaboration was an opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional kit design, ensuring that every element is infused with innovation, culture and the club's global footprint."

Experience the PUMA x PLEASURES AC Milan 23/24 Fourth kit and collection  and discover the eclectic flavors and vibrant rhythms that harmonize our historic and revolutionary creation.

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