PSG Unveils Flagship Store in Seoul: A Fusion of Football, Fashion, and French Flair

Seoul's golden city lights. The gleam of a new Paris Saint-Germain store awash in South Korean culture. It's the widening ripple effect of a powerhouse football team reaching out to its international fans. On March 11, 2024, PSG unveils its latest wonder - a combination of a cafe, an iconic boutique, and cocktail bar - in Seoul. And this is not your ordinary retail powerhouse - oh no, it is a vibrant embrace of football and French savoir-faire.

Hot on the heels of the first 2019 opening, Over The Pitch pitches in with a special jersey, woven in football dreams and fandom. This jersey will prove its mettle in the weekend's face-off against Reims. PSG seems unstoppable, from the trend-setting move of being the first European club to claim retail space in exhilarating Korea back in 2020, to planting their trademark flags in global cities - New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Toronto, Tokyo, and Doha, with London and a first in Seoul tucked firmly into their belt.

The unveiling of its new flagship retail in Seoul is not just a shopping experience, but it's a nod to the multicultural fan community that follows PSG. The followers are rewarded with unique experiences, unforgettable moments, and of course, their beloved special edition drops, two of which are already spicing up celebrations. In the heart of Seoul, the new flagship store stands tall with three tiers - each floor offering something unique.

At the café space, you can sip your French roast coffee chased with a dash of football fever while feasting your eyes on exclusive collections. And the South Korean-themed spaces do more than reminisce about home – they play "homage" with the sophistication of a PSG forward lobbing the ball towards the goal. Finally, the top tier; an exclusive VIP space - this is where football meets fashion, music, and culture. A private inaugural event was held on March 8, with local influencers and an engaging tête-à-tête between the club and the personalities who shape the world. Many say Paris rules the world, but here, Paris rules and rouses the unique voice of Seoul.

Speaking in the vein of Jay-Jay Okocha, one of the club's icons, he shares, "There's genuine delight in bringing Paris Saint-Germain's spirit to Seoul and connecting with the devoted Korean fans. They are integral to our club's ever-expanding international community. The launch of this new retail palace will, undoubtedly, spark heightened ardour for PSG here in Korea.” PSG's crown jewel store swung open its gates for the premier time in Seoul, Korea at an illustrious event on March 10, 2024, marking a significant milestone.

In this grand celebration, and to pay homage to the opening of the three-tiered café/bar and merchandise extravaganza, the Club will grace the field in jerseys adorned with a uniquely Korean name and number set—an artistic creation by Over the Pitch. Having been official allies with PSG since 2020, Over the Pitch has played an essential role in enhancing the Club's prominence and favorable reception for four successive seasons in Korea. This choice to unveil a magnum opus retail site in Korea echoes the Club's aspiration to offer a personalized and immersive experience as they continually fortify their rapport with their Korean followers.

The three-level flagship store, each floor radiating with its own distinct charm and appeal, will afford an array of encounters to its patrons. The first floor will captivate fans as a café and bar expanse providing a meticulously curated food and beverage menu. The second and third floors take the form of a retail shop, drawing inspiration from the Parc de Princes stadium locker room and architectural textures. These floors feature a range of products by Nike.

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