Project ACL: Pioneering Initiative to Combat ACL Injuries in Women’s Football

Nike ACL Injuries Womens Football Study

Let's talk about this 'Project ACL' thing, yeah? Nike, the PFA, FIFPRO, and Leeds Beckett University are linking up to tackle this ACL injury madness in women's football. It's well known that women are way more likely to get these injuries than men—like two to six times more likely, innit? And get this, most of these injuries happen without anyone even touching them! Madness, right? But barely anyone's bothered to figure out why or how to stop it.

So, they're finally stepping up with this three-year project to get to the bottom of it. They're gonna be tracking how hard players are working, checking out the facilities at WSL clubs, and seeing what they're doing to prevent these injuries. Basically, they're gonna be all up in the women's game's business, trying to figure out how to keep our champs on the pitch.

And the best part? They're not keeping this knowledge to themselves. They're sharing it with leagues and federations all over the world. Because, let's be real, this ain't just a WSL problem. It's a global thing.

With all these matches crammed into the calendar, players are getting overworked and their knees are paying the price. But 'Project ACL' is saying enough is enough! They're putting the players first and trying to find solutions.

There's still a long way to go, but this is a big step in the right direction. It's about time someone took this seriously. Let's show these ladies some love and protect their knees, yeah? Safe legs, safe game!

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