Pepperoni Seoul and SOULPUSSYCAT Unveil Retro-Inspired 'Fuzzzy Cat' Jersey: A Nostalgic Blend of Football and Fashion

In the true essence of the whispers from the nineties, the fashion frontier shakes up once again with Pepperoni Seoul joining forces with SOULPUSSYCAT, a South Korean vintage powerhouse, for the release of the veraciously vivacious ‘Fuzzzy Cat’ Jersey. The catharsis of retro football fashion, smothered with audaciously vibrant influences of the streetwear scene, the Fuzzzy Cat Bear Jersey fundamentally pays tribute to the Juventus kits that left an indelible print in the sands of football fashion time.

Pepperoni Seoul, uncompromisingly riding the tsunami of soccer culture in South Korea, stands defiantly resilient and innovative, ever at the forefront of shattering the proverbial glass ceiling. In the spirit of celebrating the crossroads of football and fashion, not forgetting to dispense a slice of their signature pizza-themed drops, they continue to be the life of the party, wherever the beautiful game trickles beyond its customary confines.

Their newest unveiling exhibits their hand-in-hand collaboration with ‘SOULPUSSSYCAT’, candidly focusing the spotlight on Fuzzy Cat, the vintage shop’s adorable mascot. The Fuzzzy Cat jersey creatively pulls threads from the Juventus Centenary shirt, woven by Kappa for the 97/98 season, replicating the strong pink core laced with charcoal black accents, and the distinct collar execution that remains as steadfast as ever.

'SOULPUSSYCAT' comfortably sits in the sponsor seat, while Pepperoni gets their hands doughy with brand responsibilities. A Fuzzy Cat crest, unique for this piece, has been passionately sketched into the design. A colossal dual branding graphic majestically stretches across the back, marking a strong presence”, as explained by the duo.

The Fuzzzy Cat Jersey, in all its gutsy glory, is now up for grabs at Pepperoni Seoul and FOE online platforms. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for more.

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