Palace Drops Retro-Inspired Real Madrid Collection: Beckham, Ronaldo, Zidane Jerseys Reimagined

Palace Real Madrid Collection

Palace is back at it, yeah? Flipping the script on football fashion AGAIN. Remember that peng hot pink ting they dropped a while back? The one that looked like a Real Madrid kit from back in the day? They've only gone and done a whole new drop, inspired by those Galácticos, babes!

Palace Real Madrid Collection

We're talking royal blue and black sweatshirts, proper retro vibes. But hold tight, because they didn't stop there. Oh no, they thought, "Let's bless these fashionistas with some full kits!" White, blue, black - they got you covered. And the details? Pure fire, man.

Palace Real Madrid Collection

"PenPals Mobile" sponsor, just like those old Siemens jerseys. Golden outlines, iconic font, even Beckham's 23, Ronaldo's 9, and Zidane's 5 on the back. Proper blasts from the past, but you know Palace makes it look fresh.

If you're feeling yourself like a young Becks, these drop on June 21st on the Palace website. Don't dull, cuz you know these will sell out faster than you can say 'Golden Boot'.

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