NYCFC Unveils 2024 '24/7 Kit': A Tribute to New York's Nightlife & Spirit

In a fashionable nod to the ceaseless bustle and magnetic allure of the nightlife, New York City FC and adidas have unveiled the new MLS away jersey for the 2024 season. This latest offering, aptly named the '24/7 Kit', pays homage to the metropolis that never sleeps. Drawing inspiration from New York's after-dark fervor and the illuminating glare that showcases its unwavering essence, this jersey represents more than just a match-day outfit. It's a tribute to the tireless city and its unyielding spirit, with a design that mirrors the rhythm of a city constantly on the move.

The '24/7 Kit' is a reflection of life in the sleepless metropolis, tailored for those who flit effortlessly from one pursuit to the next - be it enjoying a night out, partaking in a friendly soccer throw-down, or indulging in a pizza treat. Always on the go, this jersey encapsulates the essence of being active twenty-four-seven.

The jersey itself boasts a dark base, symbolic of the night, accented with vibrant hues of orange and blue details. These colors are split symmetrically across the fashion-forward design, extending down to the symbolic Three Stripe insignia on the shoulders. This color palette not only echoes its 2022 predecessor but also incorporates elements from the current primary jersey, creating a seamless continuity thread.

The grand unveiling of the '24/7 Kit' was marked by a two-day pop-up event starting on Friday, 16th February, in the trendy Chelsea neighborhood. This event aimed to capture and showcase the insatiable energy that fuels the city, infused with innovative creativity. The unveiling has been a major highlight in both the fashion and sports realms, inviting fans to add this statement piece to their collection, flaunt their devotion to the sport, or gift it to loved ones.

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