Nivelcrack's Exclusive Dirt-Roots Dragon Kit Ignites Asian Football Passion

In a festive celebration of the imminent Lunar New Year and the ongoing Asian Cup, powerhouses of Asian football creativity, Nivelcrack, AC Saen Saep, and Shukyu Magazine, have crafted an unforgettable tribute: the Dirt-Roots Dragon Kit. This kit is a salute to the surge of football passion in Asia, bursting with the game's extraordinary culture and diversity.

The Dirt-Roots Dragon Kit, designed by NivelCrack, introduces 2024 – the Year of the Dragon – with a dynamic flair. Drawing inspiration from the rich hues of purple and yellow adorning Thai garments, both luxury silks of the aristocracy and commoners’ simple cottons, the kit asserts its splendour. Purple forms the core of the shirt, with brush strokes of yellow accenting the branding, sponsor, and crest design.

Yet the shirt's true showstopper is the unique dragon scale graphic, presented in an array of purples, enveloping the garment from top to tail. Flip the shirt, and a large dragon awaits, surrounded by tributes to AC Saen Saep and Nivelcrack in vibrant yellow, riding the waves above and beneath the dragon.

In alignment with the Asian Cup and the Lunar New Year festivities, the trio of football creative organisations are also set to host the unprecedented Dirt-Roots Football Collective event. This highly anticipated affair is scheduled for the 3rd and 4th of February 2024, smack in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, at the Ladderice on 20/2 Rama 1 Rd in Wang Mai, Pathumwan district.

If you find yourself meandering around the area, here's a shout-out for you... The exclusive Dirt-Roots Dragon kit is planning for a big reveal at the epicentre of events, none other than Ladderice. Keep your ear to the ground, keep following...

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