Nike's 2024 'Black Pack' Unveiled: Phantom GX II and Luna II Lead the Athletic Shadow-Play

Elegantly cloaked in mystery, Nike unveils the initial offering from its 2024 'Black Pack', shrouded in the night's velvet cool. The crowning pieces are the enigmatic Phantom GX II and Phantom Luna II – symbolic alter-egos swathed elegantly in black; the epitome of athletic shadow-play on the pitch.

This dawn of the 'Black Pack' presents an antidote to the bold hues splashed across the recently introduced ‘Mad Ready’ pack, which is more eager in presenting Nike’s stars with a noticeable presence on the field. The Phantom GX II and Phantom Luna II emerge in an all-black tonal treatment, their designs nearly completely devoid of colour.

However, the noticeable white accents subtly woven into the branding mark, as well as hints of blue peeking through the soleplate bring forth a seductive play of understated elegance and edgy style. And speaking of that unique Cyclone 360 soleplate, it weaves its magic in the Phantom GX II as well, first having graced the Luna. In a similar gesture of brand unity, the Luna reciprocates by embodying the GX’s renowned Gripknit upper, rendering both boots startlingly alike.

The sole distinguishing factor lies in the Luna's collar presence, which the GX has done away with. So behold, another whirlwind of excitement for the beloved Phantom twins, a sly nod to the ‘Phantom Vortex’ pack; this time catering to those athletic souls who prefer their performances to be their main colourful canvas on the pitch.

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