Nike Premier III FG: A Fresh Metallic White/Mystic Green Masterpiece for 2024

Coming to you with an all-new freshness, let me dish out the latest scoop on what's dropping in the sports footwear lane. Our ever-trusty sneaker-whisperer, @sneakermarketro, has let slip another slick color combo of the Nike Premier 3. No longer sporting their classic Kangaroo Leather, Nike plans to roll out their next-gen Premier boots in Fall 2024.

Feast your eyes on this beaut—The Nike Premier III FG, outfitted in a spanking new Metallic White/Mystic Green. This radiant ensemble dances between the colors of the Nike Premier 3 FG football shoes, with a cool white base offset with whimsical mystic green accents adorning the swoosh and heel, a testament to the freshness of the look.

Don't be fooled though. Despite the new livery, these Nike Premier III FG football shoes remain a faithful twin to the original in terms of features. Let's delve into the details, shall we? The shoe sports a solid upper made of premium kangaroo leather – oh, the touch is just divine. The tongue rocks a 2-in-1 design that folds over with an optional cut line, catering to your mood swings and letting you swing between a traditional or a modern look. The sole plate is decked out with conical studs, giving you steadfast grip on grass pitches. Now, that's a fine thing to possess.

We're looking at a reasonable price, considering the features: €100 (£85) or if you're on the other side of the pond, 120 USD (120 EUR, 105 GBP). With a release date set for June 2024, you’ll be able to sport these metallic white/mystic green creations from this Summer.

What do you think of these new Premier 3 FG soccer boots from Nike? Feel free to leave us your thoughts. And while you're at it, do take a gander at the Boot Calendar to keep up with the latest Nike soccer cleat releases.

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