Nike Launches Phantom 'Barna' Boots: A Tribute to Barcelona's Football Legacy

In a heartfelt nod to Barcelona's devotion to football, Nike has unfurled the Phantom ‘Barna’ collection. This assortment melds the Phantom Luna II and GX II with a bianco base, decked out in an architectural design of geometric shapes - an eloquent tribute to Barcelona’s illustrious street art scene.

Despite looming uncertainty around the future union between Nike and the renowned FC Barcelona, amidst whispers of an imminent divorce between the titan brand and club, there's an air of commemoration. The Swoosh is taking a pause to toast its unique bond with the Catalonian capital through the special edition Phantom ‘Barna’.

A fond abbreviation for Barcelona (BARceloNA), 'Barna' seems to rhyme perfectly with the city's vernacular. Maintaining a set tradition, this launch witnesses yet another Phantom exclusive revelation, following the ‘Thunder’ and ‘Vortex’ pack drops that highlighted only the Phantom Luna II and GX II.

As per fresh updates, the subtlety that sets apart the Luna II from the GX II is the dynamic fit collar, unique to the former. Both versions bring identical grip knit upper, paired with the Cyclone 360 soleplate; making the two nearly identical, barring your personal choice for a collar.

The 'Barna’ template presents an immaculate white exterior that transitions into geometric artistry towards the rear of the boot, tipping the hat to Barcelona's iconic architecture and vibrant street art. Stock up on the all-new Nike Phantom 'Barna' starting 7 March via Follow for more.

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