Nike Exodus, What Gives?


In a surprising turn of events, a wave of football players have bid farewell to Nike and embraced other brands. From Jack Grealish and Mateo Kovacic to Ousmane Dembele, the exodus continues with the recent departure of Harry Kane. But the most recent sighting of Enzo Fernandez sporting Puma Ultra Ultimate boots indicates that his contract with Nike is on the verge of expiry. It's quite clear that Nike might not see the untapped potential of Enzo, one of the most promising young midfielders in the football world and reigning world champion. Despite his stellar performance for Chelsea, Nike seems to have overlooked his visual and commercial value for the future.



The question that arises is, what's happening between Nike and their football superstars? Losing more than 40 significant players in just six months is certainly not a statistic that Nike would want to boast about. With talents like Harry Kane, Dusan Vlahovic, Jack Grealish, and Dembele leaving the Nike family, it's evident that Nike's hold over these stars is slipping away. With Enzo Fernandez's potential collaboration with Puma and his use of the Ultra Ultimate boots line, the future gets even more intriguing.


Will Nike be worried about losing more players to rival sports brands? Only time will tell.

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