News Alert: New Balance Kick-Starts 2024 with Revamped Football Boot Colours for Tekela v4+ & Furon v7+

Are you ready to kick off 2024 in style? Gear up, because New Balance is here to colour up your game with their latest releases: the Furon v7+ and Tekela v4+. New Balance, striking the creativity chord this new year, has shared an exciting offering - fresh transformations on colours for the Furon v7+ and Tekela v4+.

With this update, the boots don't just parallel one another in hue; it's in their aesthetics too - a nuance highlighted by the Furon’s reshuffled branding. Switching spots, the 'swooping N’ logo that typically graces the forefoot has moved to a more traditional location on the shoe's mid-part. It’s an inception moment for the Tekela as it aligns with this new branding dictum.

For those with a discerning eye for subtleties, a '+’ sign quietly nestles in the titles of both boots. This is more than an aesthetic tweak; it signals a slight technological elevation. Although not a complete generational leap, it's noteworthy. Both the Tekela and Furon have already left their imprints in action, seen on the feet of on-field dynamos, Bukayo Saka and Harvey Elliott, during the Arsenal v Liverpool FA Cup third round clash.

Today, the official drop has happened with the Furon making an entrance in a sophisticated "Team Sky Blue/NB Navy" blend, while the Tekela flips the scheme. Each boot proudly wears a strong block colour at its base, setting a perfect stage for the contrasting ‘N’ emblem. Adding finesse, the Furon teases with discreet "Hot Mango" nuances on the collar and stud tips, resonating with the simultaneous release of the 442.

Welcome this new drip, all set to add a splash of color to your 2024 campaign. Immersing within the collective, there's a distinct, ground-level alternative for you to consider. Both the stylish Furon and the chic Tekela have been designed with the ingenious Hypoknit upper for flexibility and comfort.

But hold up, ladies and gents, there's more. The Tekela takes it up a notch, available in both a high-cut sleekly laceless version, and the classically preferred low-cut laced style, darlings. The choice is, delectably yours, if you ask moi.

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