New Balance x Cardiff City x IBY Limited-Edition Jersey

Let's delve into the symbiotic fusion of football, fashion, and local pride that is the first-ever collaborative lifestyle jersey from Cardiff City Football Club and New Balance, birthed in partnership with local streetwear brand, IBY.

This union, a testimony to the grit and heart of Cardiff, was whispered through the city streets earlier this month, carrying the breath of possibilities on the backs of posters emblazoned with "CCFC X IBY X NB" – a prelude, a siren's call to the fans, revealing the shadowy contours of a Cardiff-infused design set to be birthed into the light come Saturday, November 18th.

Imagine, if you will, a jersey swathed in the noir of night, the pitch-dark base of the shirt kissing the skin, closed gently at the neck by a button-down collar mirrored in shade, cuffs that glint in the moonlit hue of silver. Yet it is the map etched in silver that lies at the very essence of this garment – the streets and heartbeats of Cardiff, captured, the River Taff coursing across, akin to the bloodlines that unite us all, with the signature 'IBY' cradled along the hem. 

Turn the shirt and gaze upon the small, proud Welsh flag, whilst at the vanguard, the New Balance insignia and Cardiff City's emblem stand out, sheathed in the elegance of silver. An exclusive lineage of 300 shirts awaits those swift enough to claim them, each piece a testament to the shared narrative of the community.

Ibby Abdi, the architect behind IBY and a beacon of Cardiff's soulful essence, revealed to VERSUS the circularity of his journey – from reveling on the pitch in the wake of a triumphant ascent to the Premier League in 2013, to this moment, a decade later, where his fingerprints grace the fabric of the football shirt that bears his city’s mark. "This partnership, my brand, it's a testament," Abdi reflects. "It's a canvas, portraying to the world the true essence, the layered narratives of Cardiff. This city, with its rough edges and tender heart, often stands at a distance, isolated – yet it is here, through these stitches and seams, we stand tall, connected in the vast tapestry of our shared stories."

Iby's aligned with a titan of sports – a football club that's notched up victories in languages that span beyond the reach of English. Cardiff culture isn't just on the map; it’s the compass directing the zeitgeist.

This is Cardiff's story, tailored for those who move with purpose and style. Leading the line is Cardiff City’s own Ike Ugbo, a footballer whose poise on the pitch is matched only by his presence in this attire. Then there’s Jason Mohammad – the voice that resonates in homes, the broadcaster who embodies the city's spirit. And let's not whisper about the prodigious Joe Cordina, a super featherweight World Champion whose fists narrate tales of triumph with every jab and hook.

Together, they are the faces of this collection: a living emblem of Cardiff City, streetwear's newfound muse, and New Balance Football's co-conspirators in crafting trendy threads. So here's to Cardiff — a city not rising, but risen. A place where the street's call is answered with pride, style, and an enduring sense of self that's as unshakable as it is unmistakably cool. Iby's not just making clothes; he's weaving the very fabric of a culture, one that's ready to step out of the shadows and into the limelight.

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