New Balance x Aimé Leon Dore: Saka's Exclusive Furon v7 Boots for Euro 2024 Unveiled

Saka Euro 2024 boots

New Balance is back at it, and this time they've linked up with the ever-so-stylish Aimé Leon Dore. What for, you ask? Oh, just to bless our boy Saka with some fire boots for Euro 2024. 🔥

Aimé Leon Dore collaboration Saka

We're talking the Furon v7, but make it fashion. Picture this: crisp white fading into pure gold at the toe, because why not? And the accents? GOLD, baby! But they didn't stop there, no. They've gone and splashed some emerald green on that soleplate for a look that's bold, unexpected, just like Saka on the pitch.

Now, let's talk tech. These bad boys are still packing that Hypoknit upper, hugging your feet like a second skin, and that nylon outsole? Made for tearing up the turf, no question. They've even thrown in their fancy chevron studs for good measure. These boots are the real deal, ready to elevate your game, both style-wise and skill-wise.

So, if you're feeling yourself and ready to drop some serious coin, head over to and cop yourself a pair. Trust me, you won't regret it. Unless, of course, you're the type who prefers to blend in, in which case, keep scrolling. This ain't for you. 😉

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