New Balance Unveils the "Seven Edition" Furon v7: A Tribute to Bukayo Saka's Remarkable Journey

New Balance's latest release, the Furon v7 "Seven Edition," pays homage to the immensely talented Bukayo Saka, celebrating his profound connection with the number 7.

This remarkable release follows closely on the heels of Saka's previous bespoke design, a tribute that commemorated his well-deserved PFA Young Player of the Year award. Now, Saka enjoys yet another personalized masterpiece courtesy of New Balance.

The "Seven Edition" boot is more than just footwear; it's a symbol of Saka's deep bond with the number 7. Beyond mere coincidence, this connection holds special meaning. "Seventh heaven" epitomizes extreme joy, a fitting match for Saka, whose first name, Bukayo, was lovingly bestowed upon him by his grandmother and means "adds to joy."


But there's more to this connection than meets the eye. Born on the 5th of September, the month itself derives its name from "Septem," the English/Latin word for seven. Historically, September was the seventh month in the old Roman calendar.

Saka's journey at Arsenal began at a young age, joining their esteemed academy at just seven years old - a remarkable start to an extraordinary career. He initially donned the number 87 jersey, followed by number 77 the next season, before finally receiving the coveted number 7 from his mentor, Arteta, at the tender age of 18.

Saka, a devout Christian, proudly represents his faith, with the number seven symbolizing perfection and completeness in the Bible. To amplify the significance of this release, consider that it's the seventh edition of the Furon boot - a perfect storm, indeed.


The Furon v7 "Seven Edition" boasts a sleek white base adorned with captivating red accents strategically placed throughout. What truly catches the eye is the striking graphic overlay featuring Saka-inspired callouts like "Hope" and "Love Always Wins." Special symbols, including the iconic number 7, grace the design.

But it doesn't stop there - the enlarged execution of the number 7 dominates the soleplate, making a bold statement. To complete the design, Saka's own signature logo elegantly graces the heel.

Bukayo Saka's journey is a testament to the magic that happens when talent meets passion and when football meets fashion. Be part of his exciting story and step up your style game with the 'Seven Edition' Furon v7 boots.

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