New Balance Reveals 2024 São Paulo FC Kits

Making a splash in the new epoch of the squad, New Balance is lifting the veil on São Paulo FC's 2024 home and away gear - their first reveal, echoing the pride and profound narrative of the Brazilian team. The home gear will grace your screens for the first time this Saturday, 20th January, during the inaugural round of Campeonato Paulista against Santo André.

In December 2023, Sao Paulo’s pact with Adidas ran its course, leaving room for New Balance to majestically swoop in, breathing life into a brand-new partnership by unveiling both the home and away uniforms. Cherishing the club's legacy and journey, the apparel does not stray too far from the traditional looks dawned both home and away. However, loyal fans can expect to see exciting details that will warm their hearts.

The uniforms were concocted under the theme “Sentimento que jamais acabará” (A feeling that will never end). This chant, which has become the voice of the fans and a motto that runs deep in the club's veins, is engraved on the inside of the São Paulo badge featured on both home and away uniforms.

The home shirt proudly bears its traditional design, with white breaking through as the dominant essence, accentuated by the red, white, and black stripes elegantly sprawled horizontally across the chest. The black and red, serving as accent hues, sets it apart from prior designs and are tastefully showcased on the polo collar and opposite sleeve ends.

Sculpted into the sleeve cuffs of the jersey are the phrases, "Clube da Fé", and "Onde a moeda cai em pé" translating into English as "Faith Club", and "Where the coin falls on its feet" respectively. These inscriptions pay homage to the trials and tribulations the club has braved throughout history.

It follows as no surprise then, that the away ensemble sustains the classic flare, boasting vertical bands in red, black, and white. Also woven into the fabric are the expressions: “A história começa aqui” and “Made in Cotia: atletas e cidadãos” or “The story begins here” and “Made in Cotia: athletes and citizens”. This homage paints a picture of the club's immense contribution to youth development.

The 2024 New Balance collection for São Paulo further expands its sartorial reach with the inclusion of travel and training attire, and a stand-out pre-match T-shirt - a trailblazing first for the club.

For those eager to drape themselves in the threads of São Paulo's identity, the 2024 home and away gear are accessible on Go forth. Follow.

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