MEYBA x The Beatles: A Fusion of Music and Football in Exclusive Apparel Collection

The magic begins when you bridge the gap between Barcelona's most cherished football brand and history's most celebrated music band. Lo and behold, it's the MEYBA x The Beatles amalgamation, a remarkable synthesis of a classic tracksuit jacket, two ingeniously original football jerseys, and four singular tees.

Seizing the recent wave that has seen famed bands metamorphose into the spirit of football-themed collections, MEYBA has done something extraordinary, a collaboration with none other than the globally acclaimed music group, The Beatles. Yes, indeed! Football and Beatles, woven into a collection that siphons inspiration from the tremendous wealth of music, films, and imagery of the illustrious band hailing from Liverpool.

Primarily, this collection embarks on a monochrome exploration of the Abbey Road album artwork, birthed and circulated in 1969. The renowned zebra crossing and the classic black-and-white 'Long T' logos of The Beatles emerge as creative sparks, interpreted in various ways throughout this collection.

First on the deck is the 'AOP' jersey, a limited edition piece inspired by the Abbey Road album cover's zebra crossing. The print creatively reshapes this iconic image throughout the shirt's layout, the design peppered liberally with The Beatles' logos and badges provocatively positioned.

Complementing the 'AOP' is another limited edition beauty—the Sash Jersey. It is, yet again, an ode to The Beatles and the thrilling universe of football.

Immersed in deep ebony, the design is tempered by the stark contrast of the timeless white sash, echoing the graphic of the zebra crossing on the eternally recognized Abbey Road album cover. This distinct pattern is assuredly pronounced on the reverse side of the jersey and commingles with the recurrent "T" logo, which is visually manifested in a seamless gradient pattern.

The shirts, embellished with the numeral four, are a nod of respect towards the legendary 'Fab 4' - the world-renowned Beatles. Further accentuating this homage, a classically styled track jacket accompanies the shirts. It is graced with the iconic Beatles' 'T logo' and the number four, immortalizing the maestros on the canvas of the jacket. Yet again, the illustrious zebra crossing graphic is embossed onto the nape of the neck.

However, the pièce de résistance of this creation lies within, a surprising feature lined with the fabulous foursome from the 60s. The inner lining of the jacket houses an extraordinary array of past Beatles gig tickets. An array of historical artifacts that serves to set this jacket apart.

To bask in its entire grandeur, visit MEYBA x The Beatles collection at

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