Merky FC and adidas Unveil Season Two of The Initiative

In an electrifying collaboration that's set to rock the world of football, adidas and Stormzy have unveiled the next chapter of the #Merky Football Careers partnership, and it's bigger and better than ever before. We're absolutely buzzing to announce that two incredible opportunities are up for grabs – the roles of Social Media Editor and Creative Producer.

Last year, Stormzy and adidas introduced Merky FC, a national program with a mission to champion diversity and representation in the world of football. Now, as it enters its second season, this initiative is taking things up a notch. They've expanded the playing field from 15 roles to a jaw-dropping 50, opening the door for more aspiring talents to shine.

To ignite change and inspire the entire football community to get involved, a groundbreaking report has been unleashed. It unveils the hurdles faced by young Black individuals and lays out the groundbreaking approach embraced by #Merky FC. Their goal? To level the playing field for everyone and bring about a real transformation.

Both adidas and Stormzy have rallied an impressive lineup of allies for this careers program, set to kick off in January 2024. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in fostering inclusivity and diversity within the football world.

This is more than just an opportunity; it's a game-changer. It's a chance for young talents to showcase their skills and leave a lasting impact on the beautiful game. If you're ready to be part of something extraordinary, the time is now. Share one of the 50 available #MerkyFC roles with a friend, and together, let's make a difference. Click the link in our bio to get involved.

In a bold move to revolutionize opportunities for young Black and mixed Black heritage individuals in football, Merky FC has expanded its spectrum to include roles in operations, community engagement, creative work, and marketing. This visionary step is an open call to the entire football community to step up and create a positive impact.

In their latest report, they shine a spotlight on the strength of allyship in this realm. It highlights that a significant number of Black or mixed Black heritage individuals are more inclined to join Merky FC when recommended by a friend. Stormzy, the driving force behind #Merky FC, is pleased to see the project's ongoing commitment to leveling the playing field for young Black individuals off the pitch. He emphasizes that there's still much work to be done and calls on the entire football community to join forces in addressing existing disparities.

The report also caught the attention of Steve Marks, Senior Director Brand Communications at adidas, who is a proud supporter of #Merky FC in collaboration with Stormzy. He underscores the power of allyship, revealing a model that can boost representation by an incredible 40% within the next five years simply by embracing the concept.

From day one, #Merky FC's mission has been to create new pathways for young Black individuals while inspiring the entire football industry to champion diversity and representation.

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